Let’s define some of the technical terms that are used in the graph above to describe Google’s ranking algorithm:

  1. Link popularity- how many links point to your site, their reputation for being informative, and how those linking-sites rank in Google
  2. Anchor text—the words or phrase that is hyperlinked on other people’s page that when you click on it takes you to your website.
  3. On-Page Keyword usage—the use of the key words and phrases that people typically type into a Google search to find your site. You must use these words and phrases in the text of your website’s pages
  4. Registration and hosting data—the information that you provide when you buy your domain name and the length of time that you register your webpage name helps determine trust (will your website be here tomorrow or are you fly-by-night). It is best to register your website’s name for 2 years or more to establish validity.
  5. Traffic and CTR data—The traffic is the sheer number of visitors or “hits” to your website. The more internet exposure you have on social media, ads, email campaigns, Google ranking, and quality content will determine how many people come to your site. CTR data refers to the “Click through Rate,” it is a measure of the number of people who see your link, ad, or post about your website and actually click on it and go to your site. Therefore, if 1000 people see your banner ad but only 10 people click on it and visit your site then your CTR is 1%.
  6. Social Graph metrics—is how much exposure you have on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist, Instagram, and etc. A good tool to check your social media exposure is topsy.com where you can input your business name or keywords and see the social media posts for them.
  7. Trust Authority of the Host domain—Trust Authority is best defined as the amount of credence, validity, and trust that you have as an authoritative site for the topic that your site covers. For example, if you are selling cars in Chicago, and you have lots of pages on your site with quality content, lots of exposure on social media, lots of people posting links to your business on the web as well as lots of other websites mentioning you on their web pages that also pertain to selling cars, then you will be considered to be authoritative by Google. Your domain name and website in general should all be trusted since trust is built page by page; you want your home page for your domain to be trusted by Google.

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