What are Backlinks and why does my site need them?

Backlinks are incoming links that point to your website and exist on the web on other people’s web pages. If they are ranked well and if they are relevant and related to your site either topically or otherwise, then they show that your website is important to other people on the web.
For example, if I have a website called buy-new-cars.com and there are lots of other websites on the internet that rank well in the Google search and they have mentioned my web address on their site, then this tells google that buy-new-cars.com is an “authority site” for this topic.
Usually, my web address will be linked using certain “key words” or phrases that have to do with my site. For example you may see a link on a website that is ususally blue and underlined Buy Great Used Cars in Chicago, and when you hover your mouse pointer over it, you see that it is a link to the buy-new-cars.com site. That is an example of a backlink!
You want your website backlinks placed all over the web, especially on authority sites that Google already loves and has ranked high. This is where a great SEO specialist comes in because they know where for place these backlinks to make them most powerful.


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